Faith Fit Radio Weekly Roundup

December 8, 2017

PODCAST SPOTLIGHT: School of Humanity and Saints Who Lead Us CROSSOVER
Part 1: “Melody of our Hearts”#39

Rachel and Jason welcome special guest Katherine Laguna as they discuss how music resonates with our humanity and makes us vulnerable to the love of God.

Part 2: “Harmony of a Saint” – Saints Who Lead Us #20

On the feast of St. Cecilia, Katherine and co-hosts Jason and Rachel Bulman continue their crossover episode with an electrifying podcast on Cecilia’s musical message from heaven and the world of music!

“Reloj de Arena” – Acciؘón Cristiana #32

Todos nacemos con un tiempo determinado en esta tierra. Es nuestra responsabilidad administrar cada minuto de nuestra existencia. Margie y Gracebell comparten maneras en que han manejado su tiempo para Dios.

We are all born with a determined time on this earth. It is our responsibility to manage every minute of our existence. Margie and Gracebell share ways they have managed their time for God.

“Counseling within Confession” —Those Catholic Shrinks #10

Father Ben Lehnertz joins Lisa and Regina this week to share how the world of counseling collides with the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

“The Secret to Happiness” —Fools for Christ #34

Pope Francis cracked the code and Dan and Kimmy are here to let you in on the secret! What are the 10 tips to happiness? Plus, they add their own extra-secret tip for a life filled with happiness.

“The name is Luther, Martin Luther!” —Ex Nihilo #38

As we commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant reformation, Steve and Fr. Martin take a closer look at Martin Luther, the man.