Faith Fit Radio Weekly Roundup

Special Presentation: “Faith, Family, Football”

Elvis Grbac, retired NFL QB, explores strategies from God’s playbook.

“Lifting the Burden” – Fools for Christ #39

Dan and Kimmy discuss healing and forgiveness during this Lenten season, including the four facets of forgiveness and the peace that comes from forgiving others and ourselves.

“Righteous Joseph” – Faithless #12

Welcome back to Faithless! A place where we discover our faith together and find ways to apply it to our lives in this hectic world, where it is often easy to dismiss our love for God. On this episode, join me on this journey to explore characters from the Bible in their epic journeys, particularly Joseph’s journey from slavery to being the right hand of Pharaoh.

“La Ira y el Enojo, ¿Son Pecado?” – Accion Cristiana #44

Cuando alguien nos ofende o nos agrede es logico que nos molestemos. Jesus debe ser nuestro ejemplo a seguir. Él se enojo cuando los mercaderes convirtieron el Templo en un lugar mundano. El enojo debe ser de acuerdo a la ofenza y nunca llegar a la violencia o la agresion.

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March 8, 2018