Faith Fit Radio Weekly Roundup

October 26, 2017

PODCAST SPOTLIGHT: “Soldier Saint” – Saints Who Lead Us #18

Katherine and co-host Fr. Chris Dorsey tell us about the saint who led an army into war during a time when faith and clergy were hard to find.



“Destroyer of Death” – Burning Hearts #16

Fr. Patrick shares the Good News of Jesus’ life and how Jesus came to save humanity.

“Energy Zappers” – Those Catholic Shrinks #6

Do you see any red flags in the relationships you have in your life? Lisa and Regina discuss ways to keep strong, healthy relationships that won’t zap away your energy.

“The Loving Gift of Adoption ” – Fools for Christ #30

Dan shares the gift of adoption the Lord has blessed him with recently and  Kimmy opens up about her journey in spiritual adoption.

“Are you a Façade?” – School of Humanity #35

Jason and Rachel debate if they each are living their authentic-self.