Faith Fit Radio Weekly Roundup

October 19, 2017

Catch up on our local podcasts! Hear from the priests, teachers, ministry leaders and more as they share our faith each week on Faith Fit Radio.

“Human Origins of Christ” – Burning Hearts episode 15

Fr. Patrick traces the human origins of Jesus through the Gospel of Matthew.

“Therapist Toolbox” – Those Catholic Shrinks episode 5

Lisa and Regina share how psychological theories are used in therapy and how they can relate to our faith.

“Food, Fasting & Fulfillment” – Fools for Christ episode 29

Kimmy and Dan explore the role of food in the life of Christians and how taking care of our bodies can restore our oneness with God.

“Beauty Surrounds Us” – Ex Nihilo episode 35

Fresh from his trip to Alaska, Fr. Chris joins Steve this week to discuss how the beauty of God is all around us and how through beauty we can grow closer to the Father.

“An Encounter with Faith” – School of Humanity episode 34

What is faith? What is contemplation? Rachel and Jason discuss answers to these questions and the need for both in our Christian journey.

“Surrender to the Beast” – Saints Who Lead Us episode 17

Katherine explores the seven faith filled letters written by St. Ignatius of Antioch on his way to Rome where he was martyred.

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