Faith Fit Weekly Roundup

November 2, 2017

PODCAST SPOTLIGHT: “Spiritual Eyes Open” – School of Humanity #36

Jason and Rachel talk about learning to “see” again after witnessing all the suffering in the world.



“Baptism of Blood, Fire and Water” – Burning Hearts #17

Fr. Patrick tells us how St. John the Baptist warned the Pharisees to repent, be baptized and to produce good fruit as evidence of a true repentance.

“Faith within Darkness” – Fools for Christ #31

Stranger Things fan? So are Dan and Kimmy! Listen as they share some spiritual insights from their favorite scary TV series. No season 2 spoilers – we promise!

“Petrified by Phobias” – Catholic Shrinks #8

In this Halloween special, Lisa and Regina discuss different “off the wall” types of phobias including Kinemortophobia–fear of zombies.

“When the Saints Go Marching In!” – Ex Nihilo #36

Fr. Martin is back and he’s brought some guests with him! This week Fr. and Steve welcome residents from Bishop Grady Villas who are conducting research for their own brand new podcast.