Five things about Christmas to explore during Advent

  1. The Joy. “Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to men of good will.” Creation rejoices with the coming of Jesus. He’s with us. Living in your constant presence is the source of immense joy. The Christian is radically cheerful and conveys this joy.
  2. The Surprise. God does not manifest in great events, but in small surprises. The boy in a manger, who would have imagined that God among us shows Himself like this? The Christian lives the surprise in the small gifts of the day to day.
  3. The Silence. Mary meditates all this in her heart, with a look that goes deeper and finds the meaning of things. The Christian feeds on silence, prays and asks the Father for an understanding of what happens to him, in order to discern the best options.
  4. The Light. On the darkest night of the year the Light of Jesus manifests itself. God visits our darkness, the places where we think he could never be. We are not abandoned children, but infinitely loved. The Christian lives this hope.
  5. The Poor. The shepherds, despised by all, are the first recipients of the announcement of the birth of Jesus. Always the little ones are the favorites of God. The Christian is given to the poorest, to whom no one gives importance.

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