From the Archives: Eucharistic poem by Bishop Grady

Bishop Thomas Grady was the Bishop of the Diocese of Orlando from 1974-1990. As our shepherd, he helped establish eighteen new parishes and a tourism ministry. Click here to learn more about the history of our diocese.


Led by the spirit,
by the infinite wisdom
and love of God,
He climbed the barren mountain.

From the top
He could see the river Jordan
snaking its way
down to the Dead Sea.

Across the river
He could see Jericho,
the Oasis, the City of Palms

To the East
He could see the grey desert,
hills, row after row,
like the waves of a great sea of clay.

Fifty days He stayed there,
on crystal water
from a spring in a hidden cave,
on insects and fauna
of the desert.

The devil said,
You are hungry.
Change these stones
into bread.

He replied,
in the Garden of Eden
bread was at hand for the taking.
After your temptation and the fall
men got bread not by a miracle
but by the sweat of their brow.

I will teach men
to ask Abba, Our Father,
to pray for their daily bread –
for the help they need
day by day.

Man has a deeper hunger
than his hunger for bread,
a hunger to be loved
and to love.

I will satisfy that hunger
by becoming bread
in the Eucharist.

I will give them bread
which is God,
who is the love
for which they yearn.

From this
this mystery of love,
they will learn
to love.