Getting educators Faith Fit

This month, the Diocese of Orlando is introducing a new online program for catechist and religious educator formation called Faith Fit Enrichment. Schools are launching the program this month and the parishes will begin in October.

Isabel Fernandez, diocese director of mission effectiveness, said the thrust to implement an online program was “to make it more accessible for people and give some more options to grow the program and give people different ways of continuing beyond certification.”  Fernandez said, “The program offers more breadth than the DCCP (diocesan catechist certification program) did.” Courses are approximately 45 minutes in length, making them more manageable than before for both religious educators and parishes.

Fernandez added, if there were a motto for the program, it would be “Equipping the saints to do their work. In the spirit of that command and instruction from St. Paul, our job at the diocese is to give people what they need to go do what their baptismal call is pushing them to do.”

Stressing the importance of the program Bishop John Noonan noted, “On-going faith formation is necessary in order to teach and live the Light of Christ. You must know what we believe as a faith-filled people of God. You must be able to share the Good News so that others will see your good deeds and will also want to do the same. In this way, everything that you are glorifies our heavenly Father.”

See the full story in the September 22 issue of the Florida Catholic.