Give a little, change a lot

There’s a new way to donate spare change to Catholic Charities of Central Florida from your everyday purchases! It’s an online app called Harness where you connect a card, make some purchases and change is automatically donated at the end of every month. Sign up today at

How it works

  1.  Connect a Card – First, connect your debit/credit card that you use to make daily purchases
  2. Make some Purchases – Purchases on that card will “Round-Up” to the next dollar amount as change
  3. Change is Donated – Your “Round-Up” change will accumulate and be donated at the end of every month

4 Benefits of “Round-Ups”

  1. Automatic Donations – Never forget to show your support by giving with every swipe
  2. Feel the Love – Get real-time updates of the impact your donations make
  3. Give Comfortably – Round-Up settings allow you to control your giving
  4. Small Amounts, Big Impact – Giving small amounts over time makes a big difference