Go Beyond Women’s Conference

ORLANDO| Calling all women across the Diocese of Orlando to “Go Beyond”. The first diocesan women’s conference is currently being planned for November 16 at Holy Family Parish in Orlando. This day-long retreat was designed, in part, by author Danielle Bean who loves to examine Catholic femininity and women as beloved children of God.

“Holy Family has been host to the ‘Rise Up’ men’s conference for several years and some of the women at the parish gathered and said, ‘We would really like to have one of these for women as well,’” explained Daniel Boyd, secretary for laity, family and life in the Diocese of Orlando. “They’re starting a little smaller, so they can gather momentum to make this an annual event and possibly statewide event.”

The planning committee consists of directors of religious education, mental health professionals and more. They began discerning several months ago what could be done to meet the spiritual needs of women across the diocese. Denise Kriscunas, committee member and parishioner of St. Augustine Parish in Casselberry, prays this conference is just the beginning. “This is something very badly needed and wanted by many women,” she said. “I hope it touches something and they feel spiritually fed, nourished, excited and challenged.”

Boyd shares similar hopes. “What women can expect going to this conference is an opportunity to reflect on the dignity with which God made them, the vocation of holiness to which they’re called, and how they can be a beacon of God’s goodness in the world,” he said.

As attendees “go beyond” author, Bean, hopes to help them walk alongside the remarkable women of the Old Testament. The goal is to connect with these biblical figures and their dreams, struggles and experiences. Then, learn how they provide valuable lessons for us today.

Please check orlandodiocese.org for updates on the Go Beyond Women’s Conference.