Words of Wisdom: Graduates Reflect on Their Catholic Education

During their Baccalaureate Masses, graduating seniors from our Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Orlando reflected on their faith filled education:

Father Lopez Catholic High School, Daytona Beach

“There are people all around who will listen to you, help you, and guide you. Mostly, I have learned that God is there to do the same. The past 14 years in a Catholic school has given me the instructions I need to carry on my Catholic journey and to grow with God in everything I will experience.”- Jennifer

“My school gave me the opportunity to make forever bonds with amazing people and learn what it means to be Catholic through theology classes. I learned about myself, my faith life, and God, and to carry those things everywhere with me in every aspect of my life moving forward.” – Jared

Trinity Catholic High School, Ocala

“Attending Catholic school has helped me grow and develop my faith in a way I never would have been able to if I attended any other school. I’ve enjoyed being able to come to school every single day and start and end with a prayer. This is so important to me because I’ve been able to say that my days always start and end with God by my side.” – Gabriella

“Attending Catholic schools my whole life has allowed me to further appreciate the wisdom and kindness that is attainable through the love of God and one another. Specifically, getting an education through Trinity Catholic High School has blessed me with the ability to reach out to any student without holding back.” – Catherine

Bishop Moore Catholic High School, Orlando

“Catholic education had taught me the right priorities to have: faith and trust in God, love my family, love others, and try to make the world around me a better place. I am ready to take on the challenges of the world thanks to my Catholic education.” –George

“A religious education allowed me to openly express my faith and practice my traditions without fear of judgement or offending others. This has proven most important to me personally in times of grief and despair. Throughout my time at Bishop Moore, I have faced everything from difficult diagnoses to the inexplicable losses of loved ones. Because I have been in a Catholic environment through it all, I have never walked alone.” – Katherine

Melbourne Central Catholic High School, Melbourne

“What I find special about MCC, is that it offers faith as an education. Through school Masses and religion classes, MCC invites everyone to participate in whatever way we feel comfortable – which is exactly what God does. He invites you to come to him. I hope for those of you who aren’t Catholic, that you see that’s what true Catholicism is: patience, universal love and acceptance.” – Sara

“Today, I stand here before you with my head held high and with my heart full, not because of our personal accomplishments, but because of all of our accomplishments as a class, as a family. Our experiences have transformed us and prepared us for the next stage of our lives – they have transformed us to be disciples of Christ.” – Carlos

Santa Fe Catholic High School, Lakeland

“Thanks to my Catholic education I have learned that we don’t need the latest phones, cars, or to depend on technology. Saint Francis gave up everything that he had because he knew that in his life his possessions ultimately did not define him as a person… Rather than look to technology or other things for pleasure to make us happy, we should turn toward God. At the end of the day, the only thing that can truly make us happy is the feeling that we can do all things with Christ who gives us strength.” – Daniel

“…We stand up for our beliefs; standing with the disenfranchised and lost; standing firm for the rights of God’s creatures, great and small; standing as advocates for God’s Earth and protecting it from the greedy who would destroy it in pursuit of increased wealth. St. Francis teaches us by example the meaning of unconditional love which is very difficult to attain in high school but knowing of his journey gives even the most cynical teenager hope.” – Rebecca