House passes parental consent prior to a minor’s abortion

HB 1335 (Grall) would require that a parent or legal guardian provide consent before a minor can undergo an abortion. Parental consent is required for medical and surgical interventions for minors including ear piercing and dispensing aspirin at school. However, this is not the case when a minor seeks an abortion. The bill contains a provision that would allow the minor to petition the court for a waiver when parental abuse may be of concern.

After more than three hours of questions and debate, HB 1335 was passed by the full House (69-44) late Wednesday evening. “Parents have the unique ability to be able to talk to their children about the joys [and] the burdens of parenthood, to consider the options of adoption, and to understand the real consequences of what it is to end a life,” said Rep. Grall during her close on the bill.

The Senate companion bill, SB 1774 (Stargel), has passed its first committee of reference. Procedurally, it faces challenges before final passage.

Via FCCB – April 18, 2019