How Your Donations are Helping Haitians


Between January 12, 2010 and October 31, 2010,  Catholic Relief Services has accomplished the following because of your generosity:

  • Delivered food to nearly 900,000 people and continues to provide monthly food rations to more than 100,000 children
  • Provided emergency shelter materials to more than 274,000 people and has built more than 1,300 transitional shelters with plans to build 8,000
  • Supported more than 900 emergency operations and 64,000 outpatient consultations and continues to provide support as Haiti rebuilds its medical system
  • Installed more than 600 latrines and bathing stations
  • Provided an average of 375,000 gallons of clean water per month
  • Created short term jobs for 10,000 people

Click here to listen to a news report from NPR about how Catholic Relief Services is helping with Haiti’s huge rubble problem and is empowering the Haitian people to rebuild their lives.