Intercessions for September 11


Blessed are the peacemakers, For they will be called children of God.
(Matthew 5:9)

We pray

For the Church, that she may continue to provide care and healing
for all, especially those affected by the attacks on September
11, 2001, we pray to the Lord . . .

For all victims of violence and terrorism around the world, and for
their families, that they may find comfort and peace, we pray
to the Lord . . .

For the safety of our service men and women abroad, for civil
servants who protect us and keep us safe, and for all who live
with war and violence, we pray to the Lord . . .

For our leaders and for the leaders of nations, that they may work
together to address the problems that provide fertile ground for
the growth of terrorism, we pray to the Lord . . .

For the ability to forgive and for an end to all hatred, beginning in
our own hearts, we pray to the Lord . . .

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