Media Center Pick of the Week: My Beloved Son


How are you doing with your Lenten practices this year? I’ve made a fairly good start in my praying and almsgiving and fasting; but I am thankful there are three weeks before Palm Sunday! To deepen our Lenten walk, we feature the CD: “My Beloved Son: Meditations for Lent.” In five, 14 minute reflections, Father Robert Barron breaks opens a scriptural passage for each week in Lent. In his introductory comments, he quotes Blaise Pascal and claims Lent as a season to put our distractions aside. Pascal wrote: “Most of us spend most of our lives distracting ourselves from the great questions.” Pascal lived in a time before the electrical grid let alone smart phones! Talk about distractions! In the first reflection, Fr. Barron personalizes our Lord’s temptations. We are tempted by material desire, power and self-deification. The living realities of the Transfiguration, the Woman at the Well, the Prodigal Son and the new covenant in Christ are rendered in immediately accessible terms. Order this CD or search for related titles with the key word: lent @ or call Dan Hardester or Diane Gallagher@ 407-246-4895 (or 4897).