Media Center Pick of the Week: Prayer



During a retreat session, the facilitator shared that his initial activity in Morning Prayer involved getting his butt on the bench. Eminently practical advice! Many parishes will soon begin the Why Catholic series on Christian Prayer. In preparation, we feature the 17 minute title, “Prayer and the Catechist.” Along with “Spirituality of the Catechist,” these two titles are featured on the DVD, “Doorway People.” In four short segments with catechists, noted religious educator, Gaynell Cronin, offers straightforward suggestions. The simplicity of breathing is stressed in “Getting Started at Prayer.” We read scripture as God’s personal word in “Listening with the Heart.” A catechist witnesses to her daily prayers for the children in her group in “Responding with Compassion.” We focus on the big picture rather than worrying about the details of catechetical ministry in “Walking with All Creation.” A step-by-step Leader’s Guide will reduce session prep time. See you on the bench! Use the on-line Order Form and request this DVD or search related titles with the key word: prayer @  or call Dan Hardester or Diane Gallagher@ 407-246-4895 (or 4897).