Media Center: Where Love Is

Media CenterOn a recent visit with my daughter and her husband in Detroit, we toured the Solanus Casey Center.

Located adjacent to St. Bonaventure monastery, the Center houses an intimate museum dedicated to the life and ministry of Fr. Casey. The course of his life involved many struggles, chief among them the rare predicament of being ordained a “simplex” priest. He was able to celebrate Mass but could not preach in public or celebrate Reconciliation due to his poor academic performance in theology. He was assigned the role of doorman at the monastery. With consummate humility and deep faith, Fr. Casey embraced his role, welcoming and offering prayerful counsel to visitors. Many have attributed healing miracles to Fr. Casey and he is now a candidate for beatification.

In honor of Fr. Solanus Casey, we feature “Where Love Is”, the story of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. The 90 minute DVD, produced by the San Damiano Foundation, explores the poverty of Detroit and the compassionate, dedicated work of the Capuchins. Their ministry began in 1929 during the Great Depression. Fr. Solanus offered sandwiches to the hungry who came to the door of the monastery. In a matter of weeks, the demand for food was so great that a social hall was converted into a dining room. Using donated food and the help of secular Franciscans, the Capuchin Soup Kitchen was born. Today, this ministry has grown to include many more services: job training, drug and alcohol abuse programs, prison ministries and an urban farm.

Fr. Casey once said, “Man’s greatness lies in being faithful to the present moment.” This great man was present to the vulnerable who approached his door, seeing in them the presence of Christ and treating all with love, compassion and respect.

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(Diane Gallagher serves as Media Center Coordinator.)