New app puts faith at your fingertips

ORLANDO | For Catholics in the Diocese of Orlando, enkindling a deeper faith has never been easier. The newly redesigned Faith Fit app puts prayers, spiritual reflections, videos, podcasts and the latest diocesan news right at the user’s fingertips. Whether at home or on the go, the easy to use and attractive interface along with the variety of topics and resources offered makes this app an indispensable resource for anyone looking to grow in holiness.

“Faith Fit has something for everyone. Whether you’re 18 or 80, I am certain you will find something that speaks to your heart,” said Jennifer Drow, senior director of the communications secretariat. “Listen to “Uniquely Catholic” to learn more about up and coming Catholic singers, speakers and artists. Check in with “Those Catholic Shrinks” when you feel troubled. Reignite the light of your faith with “Faithless” – the list goes on and on. Faith Fit also features car connectivity so you can listen to these podcasts to and from work or school and remain prayerful in Central Florida traffic!”

“The creative and handy part about the Faith Fit App is that it acts like a ‘hub’ for many of the spiritual things we are doing at the diocese,” explained media development manager Katherine Laguna. “There are articles, a top news section and inspirational podcasts. Interested in praying with someone during your morning and evening commute? Check out the ‘Prayer’ tab and build your devotion to prayer.”

Laguna said it was important to create an app that was easy to use, but also fun and interactive. One of the new features is the ability for users to record messages and videos and share photos right from the app, allowing the entire diocese to evangelize and share the beauty of the faith in a whole new way.

“I feel it’s important to include the people of the Diocese of Orlando in the conversation about faith,” said Drow. “Now users can contact us and tell us what’s going on their communities. I pray users will send us fun photos and stories of their friends, families and fellow parishioners doing the work of God. We’ll share those stories with our brothers and sisters in Christ across all nine counties we serve.”

When the Faith Fit app was first launched in 2014, its aim was to focus on the whole person – providing daily spiritual reflections to nourish the health of body, mind and soul. While the reflections are still an integral part of the app, new technologies have allowed that mission to be enhanced with additional features.

“The core of the Faith Fit app is still the same, but since its development, the gift of technology has also been nurtured for God’s holy people,” said Carol Brinati, chief operating officer for the Diocese of Orlando. “The new features make it simpler, offer a greater variety, and are more fluid and interactive. The app helps drown out the noise of a secular world and brings in the focus on holiness.”

“When we think of our faith life we think of praying, but faith is also exercise and growing,” said Bishop John Noonan. “We can read the Bible and deepen our prayer life. We can read the Catechism to deepen our understanding of our faith. We can read the lives of the Saints to enrich our spiritual life. Our faith becomes fit if we do these things regularly.”

The Faith Fit app can offer something new nearly every time a user checks in. New podcasts, stories, prayers and videos are constantly being added to enrich the lives of the faithful. According to Drow, the app will never really be complete as new content will always be added and new ideas always in development.

“The technology will be constantly morphing and we’re dedicated to meeting people where they are,” said Drow. “We’re always open to suggestions from users on how to improve and on what we should add to keep their faith vibrant and alive.

“The app is full of God’s love – His word, His joy, His plan for us. In a world that can be distracting with unwanted noise of anger, greed and disappointment, this app will assist you in the mission to remain joyous and grateful.”

Search “Faith Fit App” in the iTunes or Google Play store to download the newest version.

By Elizabeth Wilson, Florida Catholic correspondent – September 19, 2018