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 Sadly, the violence in Syria continues and the humanitarian crisis intensifies, yet the Catholic Church, through CRS and our Caritas partners, continues to respond.

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National Night of Prayer for Life December 8-9

Holy Family Catholic Church,(5125 S. Apopka-Vineland Rd, Orlando), is hosting this prayerful event in the Adoration Chapel between 9pm on Dec. 8th (The Feast of the Immaculate Conception) to 1am on Dec. 9th (The Feast of St. Juan Diego) for a pro-life prayer service.  It was on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (then celebrated on Dec. 9th) that Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas and the unborn, first appeared to St. Juan Diego.  The National Night of Prayer for Life bridges these two feasts to honor Our Blessed Mother and to pray for the sanctity of all human life.  During the HOUR OF UNITY, 12 Midnight to 1am EST, we will be united in churches across the country in prayer to end abortion. You may attend all or any part of this 4 hour service.

This Year Buy Fair Trade!

Fair Trade is about respecting and building relationships with the people that contribute to making the products we buy. Through Fair Trade CRS helps communities all over the world begin and continue a journey of self-sufficiency. When you buy Fair Trade products you contribute to the well-being of communities and families in developing countries who are working hard to lift themselves out of poverty. Fair Trade provides fair wages, sustainable development, and education opportunities to those involved.

Upcoming Sales!

  • St. Mary Magdalen in Altamonte Springs will hold sales in the Parish Life Center after the 5pm, 8am, 10am, and 12pm Masses the weekend of December 7-8
  • Holy Family has Fair Trade goods available throughout the season; go to the gift shop at the parish to shop with purpose!
  • St. Mary of the Lakes in Eustis will be sponsoring their first ever Fair Trade sale this December the week after Thanksgiving; goods are available after weekend Masses.  Call for details, (352) 483-3500
  • Ascension Parish has Fair Trade goods available, call Becky Cawley at the parish for details. (321) 254-1595
  • St. Ann in Debary has Fair Trade goods available, contact Gabrielle Golka at the parish; (386) 668-8270
  • Immaculate Conception Parish in Melbourne has Fair Trade goods for sale, contact Debbie Weir Kahn; (321) 725-0552

The Real Motives of Planned Parenthood (This is the first in a series of short pro-life articles from the USCCB Pro-Life Activities Office)

A young woman from Texas was recently faced with the harsh truth about Planned Parenthood (PP) and their real motives. This University of Houston Texas student discovered she was pregnant and was in need of regular medical attention.

She had no medical insurance and the PP super center is located very close to the university.

The student, with her fiancé, walked into the abortion clinic thinking that PP would help. To their surprise, PP staff at first refused to do anything unless she paid for the medical exams upfront. Finally after a two hour wait, a PP employee asked the student a question she never imagined:”Do you want to have an abortion if you’re pregnant?” 

When the student and her fiancé made it clear that she was not there for an abortion, she was summarily dismissed and invited not to return.

It is not hard to imagine how many other pregnant young women walk into a PP facility seeking medical help, but lacking conviction in tough circumstances, allow themselves to be enticed to kill their babies — a decision that they usually regret for the rest of their lives.

Time and time again, PP shows that its real motivation is money, rather than to help young women. Clearly the financial plug needs to be pulled from PP. One million taxpayer dollars a day to this abortion giant is one million dollars a day too much.


Legislative Alert: We Need a Farm Bill Now!

Set the Table to End Hunger: The Fight for Passage of the Farm Bill Continues in Congress

Following the passage of a nutrition bill in the House of Representatives in September which cut the Food Stamp program by $40 billion, Congress must now decide if there is enough agreement to proceed for reauthorization of the Farm Bill. If there is not agreement, Congress must find a way to ensure programs that feed our brothers and sisters who are hungry and poor at home and abroad can continue.  Take a look at what ending hunger and malnutrition looks like in Malawi, thanks to funding from the Food for Peace program. Food assistance can spur development, and in times of crisis, saves lives so please help us set to the table to end hunger by raising your voice now.

Your Senator or Representative is Working to Finalize the Farm Bill Now!

To see a list of Senators and Representatives working on the Farm Bill click here.

Take Action Now! 

Your voice is needed now to ensure that SNAP benefits are protected to feed and protect poor, hungry and vulnerable people, that support is given to programs that promote stewardship of creation and that farmers, ranchers and rural communities receive the support they need to thrive.

To call your Representative and set up an appointment, find the telephone number by clicking here. To e-mail your Representative, click here. To find your Senator’s phone number to set up an appointment, click here. To email your Senator click here.

Thank you for your continued dedication and advocacy.

For further information

See the November 1st letter by the USCCB and its Catholic partners to the Farm Bill Conference Committee urging them to reauthorize a Farm Bill that protects hungry and poor people and promotes the common good of people and communities at home and abroad. Click here.

Catholics Confront Global Poverty


Surround Syrians With Support: An Update on the Humanitarian Crisis
Sadly, the violence in Syria continues and the humanitarian crisis intensifies, yet the Catholic Church, through CRS and our Caritas partners, continues to respond. We care for those impacted by the violence and forced to flee their homeland simply because they are Catholic. Find out how you can surround Syrians with support and get the latest updates from the field.

Read the Latest Newsletter from the National Catholic Partnership on Disability

Be Not Afraid Ministers to Families Facing a Negative Pre-Natal Diagnosis

This year (2013) BNA has served over 30 families carrying to term following a prenatal diagnosis. Their ministry of practical guidance and compassionate care focuses on meeting the needs of expectant parents as they seek to honor the life of their baby no matter how frail or how brief.  They provide resource materials, assistance with writing birth plans, birth support persons as requested and referrals to other community-based services and support groups. To expectant parents, they offer unique insight and sensitivity regarding such difficult issues as mourning the loss of the anticipated baby, maintaining hope when a prognosis is poor, medical decision-making during pregnancy and beyond, stillbirth and neonatal critical care.  More information regarding BNA is available at its website at