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Fair Trade

Celebrate the 4th of July and the Beginning of Summer with these Beautiful Fair Trade Outdoor Entertaining Items

Aging Resources

What Are the Top States for Healthy Aging?

America’s Health Rankings® has released its 2013 Senior Report that shows which states are healthiest for seniors.  The report includes a commentary that calls for a greater investment in senior centers to promote health and prevent disease among older adults.  Click here for the full report.

Health & Life Expectancy of Older Blacks & Hispanics

This publication explores racial and ethnic differences in disability, cognitive functioning, depression, cancer prevalence, and end-of-life health care decisions.  Click here for the report. 

More Apps!

These apps were recommended during an interview on Orange TV on the topic of “great apps for elders.”

  • Pillboxie ($.99) is a cool medicine reminder app.
  • Medity+ (free) helps find doctors and      specialties, and schedule appointments.  
  • BPMonitor Lite (free) helps you keep a record of      your blood pressure, pulse rate, and weight. 
  • Ruzzle (free) is a great game for keeping your      mind agile.