Office of Advocacy & Justice Updates

Orlando Catholic Seniors
Please join Orlando Catholic Seniors at one of their upcoming events:
November 26: Potluck Dinner at St. Mary Magdalen in the Mother Teresa Room at 7pm. Bring a dish to share!
December 11: “The Strange King: How One Baby Changed the World” – a presentation by Brandon Vogt at St. Mary Magdalen in the Mother Teresa Room, 7pm
December 12:  Christmas dinner at Golden Corral (HWY 434 1/2 mile south of HWY 436 just south of Sam’s on the same side of the road.) at 3pm
To attend any of these events please RSVP to Terry Brown at:, 407-442-8075. 

Catholic Days at the Capitol, March 15-17 2011
Join Catholics from around the State of Florida in Tallahassee for the annual Catholic Days at the Capitol under the direction of the Florida Catholic Conference, the Florida Bishops public policy agency. There we will present our legislative concerns to our local senators and representatives.  We will also have the opportunity to attend the Legislative Luncheon with our bishops as well as the 36th annual Red Mass to celebrate our politicians and lawmakers. Buses are available. This is a great opportunity to form relationships and live out our calling to be faithful citizens. Deadline to register: February 26, 2011. Click here to download the registration form. Please call 407-246-4819 or email for information. 

Novena to the Holy Innocents
The Novena to the Holy Innocents may be prayed at any time. However, since the Feast of Holy Innocents is celebrated on Dec. 28th, it would be appropriate to pray this novena starting on Dec. 19 so as to conclude the day before their feast.  Novena prayer cards are available from the Florida Catholic Conference. or the Office of Advocacy and Justice: 407-246-4819, 

Supermarket Week of Action: November 14-21 
The Supermarket Week of Action starts soon: November 14-21. This is an opportunity and call to action to tell your local grocer it’s time to give thanks to the farmworkers whose hard work and low wages have driven their profits for years. Mark your calendars for the National Supermarket Week of Action from Nov. 14-21. We hope you’ll join folks across the nation in delivering a letter or organizing a delegation to a supermarket near you during that week. You can help by sending an e-mail to Kroger, Publix, Stop & Shop/Giant, or Trader Joe’s asking them to join the growing movement for fair food.  Visit the website of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) to learn more.

In good news to share, Six L’s — Florida’s largest tomato grower — has agreed to join the CIW’s Fair Food program. Six L’s will pass on the penny-per-pound from retailers to farmworkers and work with the CIW to implement the code of conduct aimed at eliminating abuses. The growing participation of tomato growers is a testament to the growing market for fair food created by the fast-food and foodservice companies working with the CIW.  Now it is time for the supermarket industry to also step up.  With every new supermarket and restaurant chain that joins in the fair food program, the impact of the penny-per-pound wage increase and the code of conduct will grow. 

New Catholic Social Teaching Resources
Help Catholics in your diocese become more aware of how our Catholic faith leads us to action in the world! These new resources can help you:

CST Timeline Educational Activity: This engaging new activity challenges high school, college and adult learners to reflect on the major social teaching documents and their responses to the signs of the times over the last 120 years. This creative learning activity is for individuals and small groups alike.  Go to resource .

Multi-Media Youth Arts Contest: This contest for schools and parishes leads young people (grades 7-12) through a process of learning about poverty and our Catholic response. They then become educators themselves by creating any type of “art” (video, essay, drawing, music, etc.) to communicate what they have learned. November is the perfect time to tell schools and parishes in your diocese about this fun and educational program.  Learn more .

CCHD Collection: Educate Your Parish about Poverty in the U.S.!: Have you checked to make sure your parish is planning to participate in the collection in support of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)? In most dioceses, this collection is held on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Collection weekend is an opportunity to educate your parish about poverty in the U.S. and to help support the continuing good work of CCHD to address its causes.  Learn more . 

New Holy Land Film: Currently showing in cities around the U.S., Budrus tells the story of a Palestinian community organizer, Ayed Morrar, who unites members of all factions along with Israeli supporters in an unarmed movement to save his village of Budrus from destruction.  Learn more

Peacebuilding Book: In Peacebuilding: Catholic Theology, Ethics, and Practice, an international team of scholars examine the theology and practice of peacebuilding, past, present, and future.  Read more. 

Advocacy Efforts

Urge Congress, Administration to find a new way forward on Child Nutrition Bill
Your support is needed to make sure Child Nutrition Reauthorization is completed this year. Visit the Hunger Action Center to sign onto a letter to members of the House of Representatives. The Center is urging Congress to support a compromise that both allows the Senate bill (S. 3307) to move forward and addresses concerns about the SNAP cut and access to child nutrition programs through another vehicle.

This letter is open to national, state, and local organizations. Please share widely with your networks and partners and encourage them to sign on. The deadline to sign on has been extended to Friday, November 12. 

A Prayer for Our Elected Officials
O God, from whom all power comes,
we thank You for our civil liberties and freedom,
for our opportunities and our privileges.

We beg of You to bless, assist, and enlighten
our newly elected officials across the land.
May they prove worthy of the confidence placed in them by their fellow citizens.

May they be upright in their thinking, honest in all their actions,
and guided by true justice and conscience in the
legislation they propose and vote upon.

Forgive us all our trespasses and selfish ways,
and help prepare us by our good deeds
for an eternal union with You, through Christ our Lord. Amen.