Liturgy in Action

The 2015 Orlando Liturgical Conference is scheduled for August 20th – 22nd, 2015 at the Orlando Airport Marriott Hotel.



“One of the greatest gifts we have as Catholic Christians is the gift of prayer.  And one of the most important prayers we have is the liturgy, the Mass.  We are celebrating in a very special way the Orlando Liturgical Conference here in Central Florida, where we invite all our liturgists, all who participate in making our liturgy beautiful,  to come together to truly share and harmonize what it means to be ministers to the liturgy, and ministers to God, and one another.”

                                                                                                            Bishop John Noonan

EVENT PREVIEW: Orlando Liturgical Conference, August 20-22, 2015

The 2015 Orlando Liturgical Conference is scheduled for August 20th – 22nd, 2015 at the Orlando Airport Marriott Hotel.  Below is a preview of the conference that is open to the public and designed for all Catholics to enrich their understanding of and appreciation for the Mass. Catholics worship God in a variety of ways, but the primary way of communal worship is the Liturgy of the Eucharist, also known as the Mass. Below is a Q & A with Bruce Croteau, Director of Liturgy for the Diocese of Orlando. 

What is the theme of the 2015 Orlando Liturgical Conference?

This year’s theme for the Orlando Liturgical Conference is “Liturgy in Action:  Glorifying the Lord by Your Life/Litúrgia en Accion:  Glorificando Al Señor Con Tu Vida.    The keynote talks as well as the various breakout sessions have been prepared in such a way as to highlight the connection between liturgy and life—how liturgy prepares us to live our lives and how our lives become expressive of the liturgy we celebrate.  This is the nature of evangelization, that in all we do, we give glory to God. 

Who should attend?

 The Orlando Liturgical Conference is primarily for all those involved with liturgy –that’s a big audience. The audience also includes the members of the congregation because the ministry of the assembly is a primary ministry of the liturgy. In fact, I would say first and foremost, this conference is for the people who attend liturgy and seek to participate in liturgy. We offer programming, not just for the professional musicians, liturgists or clergy, but also the people who seek to enhance their understanding of the liturgy as well as forming themselves in the ministries of sacristan, the ministries of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, altar serving, etc.  There is really something for everyone. 

Tell us about the keynote speakers?

Our keynote speakers will cover a broad spectrum of topics. Monsignor Kevin Irwin, of the Catholic University of America, will speak about connecting liturgy and life. Also, Father Juan Sosa will speak about multi-cultural celebrations and bi-lingual liturgies. He will help us learn to build bridges to create a tapestry of inclusion between the various cultures of our diocese and our world. Tony Alonzo, recording artist and liturgist and musician, will be offering a concert and a keynote speech on how prayer and ritual forms our beliefs. Also, ValLimar Jensen, a wonderful storyteller and recording artist, will be help us to be sent forth to glorify the Lord by our lives with a new and enlivened vigor. 

What’s new this year?

We are offering a Liturgy Intensive throughout the conference for those who are responsible for liturgical leadership in their parish.  We understand that many are charged with liturgical responsibilities with little or no formation in liturgy.  The Liturgy Intensive will allow for such individuals to gain a basic knowledge of liturgy and expose them to some of the most relevant foundational principles.

Saturday of the conference is structured very differently than it has been in previous years.  First of all, it has been extended to a full day.  The keynote will be presented fully in Spanish and fully in English.  The breakouts will be structured the same way.  This is to ensure that whether you speak Spanish or English you will benefit from the full message being presented.    

What do you hope will be accomplished?

It is our hope and prayer that during the days of the OLC the participants will be renewed in spirit, will receive a spirit of new fervor and excitement. That they might go back to their parishes and encourage the members of their congregation to full conscious active participation of the body, of the mind, of the spirit in the liturgy and that all will go forth glorifying the Lord by their life.

To register for the Orlando Liturgical Conference, go to or call the Office of Liturgy at: (407) 246-4860.