Parental consent prior to a minor’s abortion advances in House and Senate

HB 1335 (Grall) and SB 1774 (Stargel) would require that a parent or legal guardian provide consent before a minor can undergo an abortion. The bills contain a provision that would allow the minor to petition the court for a waiver in certain circumstances.

HB 1335 was passed by its second committee of reference, Judiciary (10-6). During the committee hearing, Ingrid Delgado, FCCB associate for social concerns/respect life, testified in support of the bill:

“When the Conference comes before you in support of juvenile justice reforms, we call your attention to the fact that the adolescent brain is underdeveloped,” said Delgado. “The pre-frontal cortex, which helps us consider long-term consequences of our actions and controls impulse, is not fully developed until our early to mid twenties. It’s important that we take that into consideration here as well.”

We thank the Florida Catholic Advocacy Network (FLCAN) subscribers who took action and urged their legislators to support these good bills that seek to ensure parental involvement in their child’s permanent, life-altering decision.

Via FCCB – April 2019