Parish blesses statue, buries time capsule

KISSIMMEE | The Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross was a very busy day at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Kissimmee. The day coincided with pastor, Father José Bautista’s 28th anniversary of ordination, Sept. 14. It was a clear and sunny Saturday, perfect for the many events that took place.

After Mass, the congregation stepped outside their new temple, dedicated June 22, and walked over to the recently installed statue, Tomb of the Unborn. The statue was donated to the parish just in time for Respect Life month. “Monuments are there to remind us of lessons we must never forget and to encourage us to keep working for the ideal they celebrate. They also remind us of mistakes we make as humans and gives a warning not to fall into those traps again,” said Father Bautista. “The monument to the unborn stands as a witness to the spiritual war that society is fighting and for the casualties it produces. Many of our brothers and sisters who were supposed to be with us in the journey of life, never got the chance.”

Father Bautista blessed the statue, then the crowd followed him to a designated area to bury their time capsule.

“We invited all parishioners to send a message to the next generation, so they were invited to write letters, poems, essays, or just to send pictures,” he noted. The parish office staff also included a pictorial history of the construction of their new church building. Originally, the time capsule was to be buried the day of the parish’s dedication, but time constraints prevented it. “We made a day out of it,” said the proud pastor. The time capsule will be opened in 2044.