Pope Calls on Young People to Drive Carefully


VATICAN CITY, 19 JAN 2011 – At the end of today’s general audience the Holy Father greeted members of the Italian association “Figli in paradiso: ali tra cielo e terra” (Children in paradise: wings between heaven and earth) which brings together members of families in which children have died. “Do not let yourselves be overcome with desolation and despair”, the Pope said. “Rather, transform your suffering into hope, as Mary did at the foot of the cross”.

He also encouraged young people “to calculate risks and to act at all times with prudence and a sense of responsibility, especially when driving a motor vehicle, in order to protect your own lives and those of others”. Addressing the priests who spiritually accompany the bereaved families, Benedict XVI encouraged them to continue their generous service, giving assurances of his prayers “for all young people who have lost their lives”.