Pope Francis calls us to Share the Journey

Jesus calls us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Now, Pope Francis is calling us to “Share the Journey” over the next two years with our neighbors – all our neighbors, not only those who live near us, look like us, speak like us or pray like us.

Our neighbors include many of the world’s most vulnerable people: migrants and refugees fleeing war, poverty and persecution, people who seek nothing more than basic needs and a path forward. Just like us, they are children of God, deserving of dignity and love.

We as a church are answering the Pope’s call to encounter and walk with these migrants and refugees in support and solidarity.

How can you share the journey?

“Let us work together to find concrete solutions to help the poor, refugees, victims of modern forms of slavery, in order to promote peace.” – Pope Francis

Give to the US

Support migrants and refugees in the United States by giving to Catholic Charities USA.

Give Overseas
Reach out to migrants and refugees abroad by giving to Catholic Relief Services.
Share the love
Use social media to inspire others to love our neighbors everywhere. #sharejourney