Pray for life

From the Advocacy and Justice newsletter – December 14, 2017

For an expectant mother whose pregnancy is marked by challenging circumstances, the time before the birth of her child can be full of uncertainty and fear. In this period of anticipation, the future can seem threatening, and even a woman who identifies as being pro-life might consider abortion. Without a community of support from friends and family, a new mother’s pregnancy can be more painful than joyous.

As Catholics, we have a duty to respond with life-affirming love for both an expectant mother and her child. If someone shared with you she was pregnant and hadn’t ruled out abortion, would you know how to respond?

Since 1945, Catholic Charities Adoption Services has been guiding birth mothers who are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and are seeking life for their child. Licensed adoption counselors help them through every step of the adoption process from obtaining medical care to selecting adoptive parents.

In addition, Catholic Charities serves married couples who are seeking to adopt a child to start or expand their family. They offer home study services for applicants to help parents decide if adoption is right for them, and what type of child will be the best match for their family. The home study is a written document about a family and includes basic information drawn from interviews with a family and information provided by third parties.

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