San Pedro Center Honors Florida Bishops and Franciscan Heritage

WINTER PARK | Visitors to the San Pedro Spiritual Development Center can now stay in the St. Thomas the Apostle guest room and attend a presentation in the St. Augustine conference room. Campers will stay in the St. Michael the Archangel dorms and have activities in the St. Elizabeth of Hungary Pavilion. The buildings, which were previously designated by numbers, have all been renamed to honor past bishops of Florida and Franciscan Saints.

“The Conference Side names were chosen to honor past Bishops who served in Florida and were influential in shaping the Florida Catholic Church of today” explained Franciscan Brother Randall Pinner, San Pedro Center director. “We thought it fitting to honor them by choosing Saints that shared their first names. The building names for Camp Side are Franciscan to honor the beauty of nature and God’s creation. We Friars are very blessed to have a slice of “old Florida” right out our Friary window and to be the custodians of this Diocesan jewel.”

Additionally, the seating of the Mary, Mother of God chapel has been changed from a Monastic seating, or “choir”, style where two groups of chairs face each other,  to one section of chairs all facing the altar and large glass window.

“This configuration is warm and inviting, giving a prominent focus to the altar and the beautiful wall of glass behind. This allows all to face the beauty of Creation as we hear the Word and receive the Eucharist. We have had an overwhelming response to the new seating with many saying how they have fallen in love again with our Chapel.”

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