Soul Surfer

Ah, November! We begin with remembrances of the saints and our beloved dead


Ah, November! We begin with remembrances of the saints and our beloved dead. The cooler weather arrives and we fall headlong into Advent. We feature the current release, “Soul Surfer,” to ignite the flame of renewal in these final weeks of Ordinary Time. On a cautionary note, this PG rated movie contains action sequences too intense for younger viewers. For teenagers and adults, however, this 106 minute DVD convincingly confronts some foundational challenges of Christian living. We hope in the midst of loss. We trust in renewed life after devastation. We find personal fulfillment by emptying ourselves for others. We die and rise with Christ. In the title role, professional surfer, Bethany Hamilton, lives out these challenges. Her story of transformation after a shark attack offers powerful testimony to Christian faith. A-list actors, Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid, portray her supportive parents; and, in her film debut, Carrie Underwood plays the facilitator of her Christian youth group. With quite a few surfing sequences, the cinematography, acting, script and music all come together in this story of Christian witness. Watch it with your teenager today! Order this DVD during your visit to the Media Resource Center @ click here, or call Dan Hardester or Diane Gallagher@ 407-246-4895 (or 4897). Dan Hardester serves as Secretary of the Evangelization Secretariat and Director of the Media Center.