St. Mary’s School Secret Mission

St. Mary’s Catholic School, Rockledge, spent half of February on a secret mission to spread God’s love throughout the community. Named “Project Cougar Kindness” after the school’s mascot, students placed over 1,000 notes throughout the communities of Rockledge, Viera and Merritt Island in unexpected places for residents to pick up—public bathroom doors, rental movie kiosks , store shelves, senior living communities and parked vehicles to name a few.

The unsigned messages were written by students with the desire to inspire joy, love and hope. Led by middle school students in the National Junior Honor Society, students as young as first grade participated. Notes held simple messages such as: “You are loved,” “You are one of a kind,”  “You’re braver than you think,” and “God loves you” among others.

Assistant Principal and eighth-grade teacher Nancy Potchka helped organize the event. She said, “The students wanted to spread some love during these times of negativity.”

With the help of 100 parents, notes were distributed throughout the communities. Kat Deane, parent of two St. Mary’s students said, “We are all children of God and this was a fantastic way to spread love to one another in honor of our St. Valentine.”

On Valentine’s Day the school revealed that its students, with help from teachers and parents, had sent the “love notes.”