Stewardship Week – Conserving Soil and Water

Soil and Water Stewardship Week is April 30, through May 7. Every spring, the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) promotes Stewardship Week, running from the last Sunday in April to the first Sunday in May. The 3,000 conservation districts that make up NACD manage soil and water conservation programs in virtually every community in the United States. Stewardship Week is a great opportunity for schools, communities and churches to learn more about the importance of soil and water conservation–and make the connections between food and a healthy earth.

Stewardship Week reminds us of our personal responsibility to care for the natural resources for which we all depend. The concept of Stewardship involves personal and social responsibility. We have an obligation to learn about natural resources and use the earth wisely.

Besides educational materials for schoolchildren, NACD also produces a Church Leaders Guide. This year’s guide provides reflections on how “healthy soils are full of life–connecting food back to the soil”. There are also passages from Scriptures, music suggestions and a litany for group prayer.

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