Tell the senate to protect access to affordable health care coverage

On July 25, 2017, the Senate voted to proceed to debate on health care legislation which may have dramatic consequences for access to affordable health care coverage in our country.  The chamber is now in the process of voting on amendments which will shape what is and isn’t in the final health care bill.  Your voice is needed now to urge them to insist that health care reform protects access to affordable health care coverage!

During debate in the coming days it’s expected the chamber will be voting on a number of amendments which will restrict and limit access to Medicaid for poor and vulnerable families.  In previous versions of the bill and in many of the amendments under consideration, the proposals eliminate the Medicaid expansion and change traditional Medicaid from an entitlement to a block grant or per capita cap funding system.  The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected that these changes will result in millions of low-income individuals and families losing access to affordable health care coverage.

CCUSA’s work is rooted in the Church’s moral and social teaching, which holds in accordance with human dignity, that health care is a basic human right. Across the country, Catholic Charities agencies provided health care-related services to more than 860,000 individuals. These agencies see firsthand the devastating consequences of inadequate health care.  They see the consequences of untreated mental illness, they work to respond to the growing opioid epidemic and they support families who are struggling between to decide between paying their health care bills or paying their rent.

Tell your senator to oppose proposals to cut Medicaid coverage and instead to work for a health care bill which truly expands coverage, reduces costs and respects human life and dignity.

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