The Investigator


Reversals in life plunge us into profound interior journeys.

investigatorReversals in life plunge us into profound interior journeys. Shallow faith crumbles as our dear Lord creates a new person. James Buanacore, the protagonist of “The Investigator,” enjoys the respect of supervisory rank in the police department and the anticipation of his wife’s pregnancy. A nominal Catholic, his faith implodes as the identity markers of his life disappear. The work of the Lord begins! Through a connection to his celebrity brother, the principal of a Christian high school, offers temporary employment as a coach and teacher. Unable to appreciate the work of the Holy Spirit in his love of baseball and professional experience, James struggles to find his footing as students and developments test him to his core. A local Catholic elementary school teacher alerted me to this true life story of a Catholic Christian believer courageously claiming the struggle to grow in faith. In order to open in Orlando theaters, “The Investigator” must pre-sell 1,000 tickets by June 15th. Cast a vote for faith-friendly movies in our community by purchasing group tickets for your parish at

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(Dan Hardester serves as Secretary of the Evangelization Secretariat and Director of the Media Center.)