The month of Mary

During the month of May, we honor our Blessed Mother that following her example, we may be more fruitful day by day as disciples of Christ. What the Catholic faith believes about Mary is based on what it believes about Christ, and what it teaches about Mary illumines in turn its faith in Christ.

Throughout the centuries, the Church has turned to the Blessed Virgin to come closer to Christ. As the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary has a unique position among the saints, indeed, among all creatures. She is exalted, yet still one of us. She is endowed with the high office and dignity of being the Mother of the Son of God, by which account she is also the beloved daughter of the Father and the temple of the Holy Spirit.

The First Disciple

She was the first –

First to know
what God was about in the world.

First to share with God’s Son
the brokenness of humanity

Making for him a  home,
a warm place,
a place of love

Watching him pass,
bent and bloody.
Seeing the last drop
of blood and wayer

Battlement of Silver,
love stronger than death.

Heartful giving her flesh
heart – torn giving herself to the Word.

First to believe the world’s salvation

The first disciple.

Poem by Bishop Thomas Grady, second Bishop of the Diocese of Orlando

May 1, 2019