“Those Catholic Shrinks” explore faith and mental health

A new show on Faith Fit Radio invites listeners to join a conversation with “Those Catholic Shrinks”, licensed mental health counselors Regina Boyd and Lisa Sojourner, as they explore the many ways that faith and mental health intersect and interact.

“Part of our faith is that we are made up of mind, body, and spirt. If something is off in one of those categories then we’re not taking care of the full temples that our bodies are,” explained Boyd.

“I think it’s important to talk about just how integral faith is to a healthy balanced person,” agreed Sojourner. “It is such an important part of who we are. What we want to talk about in this podcast is where faith and spirituality intersect with mental health and how do those two things play off one another and co-exist.”

Boyd, a private practice counselor specializing in therapy with couples and teenagers, and Sojourner, director of pastoral care at Bishop Moore Catholic High School, say that a person’s mental health includes their world view, how they think about themselves, how they see themselves in the world, and how they manage stress. They emphasize that faith plays an important role in all of these aspects as people seek meaning in their lives, which is ultimately found in a relationship with the Lord. Unfortunately, as counselors they often see people seeking that meaning outside of faith.

“They’re seeking it through unhealthy relationships, through use of alcohol, drugs, just through different ways of living their life,” said Sojourner. “Those are signs that you were created for something great. You were created to be in relationship with God himself and the fact that you are seeking those things out shows that you were created that way. We just need to redirect it to actually finding it through relationship with the Lord, through relationship with people that we love, through healthy relationships and healthy patterns of life. Our Catholic faith leads us to that in the different ways it has us balance our lives and lead our lives.”

“Those Catholic Shrinks” will discuss a different topic each week and provide resources and practical tips for their listeners to live a more balanced and integrative life. Their first two episodes explore the topics of mental health and the role of counselors and understanding teenagers. They are available to download at www.faithfitradio.org under “Podcasts”. Tune in to future episodes by downloading the Faith Fit Radio app on your mobile device or subscribing on your favorite podcast app.