‘Twas the night before Ordination

“Try to be still and rest,” was the advice that Bishop John Noonan gave Father Juan Osorno regarding the week of his Ordination. Amidst the excitement of seeing family that travelled from Colombia to ironing out the final details of the Ordination, Father Osorno tried to take it all in with great gratitude and reflection.

In keeping with a centuries old tradition, Vespers or Evening Prayer is celebrated the night before Ordination. It is an intimate gathering of close friends, family and fellow seminarians who have accompanied the soon-to-be ordained priest on his journey. Traditionally, this is also the time when he receives his chalice and paten and they are blessed by the bishop.

Father Osorno’s chalice and paten came from his homeland of Colombia and was given to him as a gift from the beloved community where he served, St. Isaac Jogues Parish in Orlando. Father Osorno described the church as “…a parish that is full and alive, the people with great faith.” They motivated him to participate in Cursillo after which he said he was finally able to see clearly that God was calling him to the priesthood and he was ready to say ‘Yes.’

Pastor of St. Isaac Jogues, Father Jose Muñoz, personally went to Colombia to get the chalice. He said, “This Chalice was chosen because its design contains the special images of Jesus and his disciples. At the Last Supper Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist which he and His disciples participated in. The Chalice therefore is a sacred symbol as a reminder of the Last Supper. The chalice is always used in the celebration of the Holy Mass which will be a constant reminder for the rest of his life.  Without a priest, there is no Eucharist.”

Father Muñoz added, “The Chalice represents to St. Isaac Jogues, a community that is proud and extremely grateful that Father Juan Osorno has dedicated his life the Lord. The chalice will accompany him through his Ministry and will remind him that he has over 6,000 families praying for him.”