Urge Florida to Protect All Children in Child Caring Facilities

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BACKGROUND: On Thursday, August 4, the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) is holding a public hearing on a proposed rule for group homes for children (65C-14).  We are concerned that the proposal:

  • Views “gender” as nothing more than a social construct or psychosocial reality that can be chosen at variance from one’s biological sex. The rule requires the agencies caring for these children to accept that belief and treat them accordingly.
  • In placing children in homes on the basis of perceived “gender identity,” the rule fails to consider the interests of other children in the home (and even the same bedroom), many of whom have experienced neglect and abuse.
  • Requires such placement without consideration for the other children residing in the homes, who are among Florida’s most vulnerable residents.

As Pope Francis recently indicated, “biological sex and the socio-cultural role of sex (gender) can be distinguished, they cannot be separated.” (Amoris Laetitia, #56)  All children in the care of the State of Florida, including those with gender dysphoria deserve compassion, sensitivity, and respect. Such respect can be expressed without infringing on legitimate concerns about privacy and security on the part of the other vulnerable young people in these homes.

For more information, see the FCCB statement in response to the release of the proposed rule.

TAKE ACTION: Please contact Governor Rick Scott and Jodi Abramowitz, DCF Human Protections Administrator, to publicly express concerns by clicking the link below.

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