Urge Governor and State Legislators to Continue Funding for Programs Serving Homeless Persons and Families

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Urge Governor and State Legislators to Continue Funding for Programs Serving Homeless Persons and Families

Background: The plight of homelessness undermines human dignity, destroys families and hurts our communities. In 2010, the Department of Children and Families Office of Homelessness reported the daily number of homeless persons in Florida totaled 58,152, and the Florida Department of Education reported for the 2009-2010 school year the number of homeless children in Florida totaled 49,104.

Issue: The governor has proposed and the legislature is considering elimination of the Office of Homelessness at the Department of Children and Families and corresponding budgets.

Included in the proposed cuts, the following critical programs for the homeless are in jeopardy of losing funding:

  • Challenge Grant, which funds local services that are included in the local homeless continuum of care plan. Current budget for the program is $2,031,354, which funded all 28 continuums in 2010-11. In 2009-10, the program served 49,963 persons.
  • Homeless Housing Assistance Grant. This year $3,000,000 assisted 6 local projects to create 348 units of housing for the homeless.

Furthermore, the state’s $7 million dollar investment to address the issue of homelessness, draws down an additional $80 million in federal funding for Florida’s homeless population.

ACTION: Please click the link below to send a message to Governor Scott and House and Senate budget leaders that urges continued funding for programs serving the homeless in our state.