Why Catholics Pray?


The Diocese of Orlando has created an English and Spanish promotional flyer and poster to promote the upcoming presentation Why Catholics Pray? The flyers can be used as a bulletin cover, insert or page and can also be distributed at meetings or small group gatherings. We also hope you will print the 12” x 18” posters to display prominently at your parish.

During this first year of Why Catholic? as we explore Christian Prayer and deepen our experience of God, we hope you will encourage as many of your parishioners to attend the presentation as possible. This is open to anyone interested in attending. We hope all small Christian communities that have formed as a result of why Catholic? will attend as well as all parishioners. We also hope that parishes currently not participating in Why Catholic? will also promote this event so that this experience will truly be parish-wide and diocesan-wide.

Click for the English flyer and poster.  Click for Spanish flyer and poster.