Why Shop Ethically?

Portrait of María del Socorro López López, 43, a coffee picker at La Revancha Coffee Estate in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. “I have worked 10 years here. With the Fair Trade Committee we will get a price from our work. We are being trained to do our work better”. La Revancha is one of the few Fair Trade certified coffee estates in Latin America. Some buyers prize this labor rights initiatives with a higher market price, which will soon go directly to the workers. Some social actions are made by the worker’s Fair Trade committee, which has direct conversations with land owners. **THIS IS NOT CRS PROGRAMMING**

Maria López holds up a basket of coffee cherries she picked on La Revancha Coffee Estate, a fair trade farm in Nicaragua. As Catholics, the Gospel calls us to respect the dignity of workers. Being on the lookout for products that come from Fair or Ethical Trade producers is a way to ensure your money is doing good for all who helped create it.