Young couple prays to “save the babies”

Elaine and Stephen Mylers sit in the sun in front of Planned Parenthood near the University of Central Florida. Stephen coordinates the vigils and stands in during uncovered hours as much as possible. (GLENDA MEEKINS)

ORLANDO | Cradle Catholics Stephen and Elaine Myler have always been pro-life. This year they turned their commitment up a notch by helping coordinate 40 Days for Life vigils at the Planned Parenthood on University Blvd., near the University of Central Florida.

The 40-day campaign for life began Sept. 23 and continues through Nov. 1. The Mylers are UCF graduates. Elaine became involved with 40 Days while at school and Stephen came on board through Catholic Campus Ministry. Both prayed at abortion centers downtown and at other locations over the years.

Elaine has prayed during 40 Days for Life for the past seven years. This year Stephen is a coordinator for the University Blvd. vigils. Often alone sitting or standing in the sun, Stephen says he does it “to save the babies.” Elaine added, “I’ve heard stories of how it can make a difference between life and death.”

Hoping their presence might change someone’s mind, they pray, sing, and hold their signs in steadfast commitment.

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By Glenda Meekins of the Florida Catholic, October 12, 2020