February 05, 2020

A NEW “Those Catholic Shrinks” Podcast

“Bids For Connection” Regina and Lisa share the ins and outs of making stronger connections with your spouse. Learn how to grow together and prevent your marriage from collapsing. Available on ⬇︎ SoundCloud: https://bit.ly/2GZEqYj  Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2UuSKA4

Ascension ranks as CyberPatriot

MELBOURNE | They’re fighting hackers and stomping out viruses. Computer whiz kids from Ascension Catholic school are living out their baptismal call to protect and care for their sisters and brothers in Christ and they’re doing it online. Five teams of middle schoolers, led by teacher Laura Davis, recently wowed judges at CyberPatriot XII National … Continue reading “Ascension ranks as CyberPatriot”

Home at last

INDIALANTIC | From an early age, Lorraine Grosse enjoyed spending time with her Catholic friends, even going to Mass occasionally. “I was always very interested,” she recalled. Raised in the evangelical church, she had a strong Christian background, but was always drawn to Catholicism. It took decades, loss, and a new home at Zon Beachside … Continue reading “Home at last”