October 14, 2021

Youth and young adults learn to spiritually discern path to follow Christ

ORLANDO | Reaching a summit requires commitment and perseverance as does following the path God has for each of us. Over the course of two days, Bob Perron, director of JMJ Pregnancy Center and nationally recognized speaker, emceed the Office of Laity, Family and Life’s Young Adult and Youth Summits at Bishop Moore Catholic High … Continue reading “Youth and young adults learn to spiritually discern path to follow Christ”

St. Thomas Aquinas renovates

ST. CLOUD | Bishop John Noonan recently toured St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, checking out all things new and taking a little time out to dance with kindergarteners. Several rooms were updated while some received a touch of love and artistic flair from the school’s art teacher, Magy Brown. The most notable places completely renovated … Continue reading “St. Thomas Aquinas renovates”

The first year as deacon

ORLANDO | Deacons in their first year are often called “baby deacons.” The term can be appropriate, as it recalls the tentative first steps of a child learning to walk, who then quickly learns to run, all the while expressing unbridled enthusiasm and energy. After a new deacon’s initial cautious and deliberate steps in ministry, … Continue reading “The first year as deacon”