March 30, 2023

Diocese’s jubilarians’ vocations exemplify works of mercy 2023

ORLANDO | In the final series on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, it is appropriate to highlight this year’s jubilarian priests for their lives, through their vocation, exemplify these works. In fulfilling their mission of service, they instruct the faithful through their homilies, counsel those in doubt, accompany others by guiding them to … Continue reading “Diocese’s jubilarians’ vocations exemplify works of mercy 2023”

What is Palm Sunday?

ORLANDO | Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord (Palm Sunday) is April 2. The liturgy begins with the commemoration of the Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem where He will ultimately give His life for mankind, for the forgiveness of their sins. Laying a path of palms and often clothing, was a sign of respect … Continue reading “What is Palm Sunday?”

Three movements of the ‘Great Symphony’

Symphonies are comprised of various “movements,” and while occasionally one might listen to a movement separated from the entire symphony, it isn’t meant to be this way. Each movement works together and in tension with every other movement to create the full experience of the symphonic piece. And so it is with the “Great Symphony” of the Triduum, the most sacred and transformative liturgical … Continue reading “Three movements of the ‘Great Symphony’”

CCCF building blessed

ORLANDO | After months of renovation, Catholic Charities of Central Florida’s headquarters building in Orlando, was blessed by Bishop John Noonan March 24, 2023. The building was renovated due to severe water damage in 2022. Throughout the lengthy process, staffers were dispersed to different areas to continue their ministries. “Our team members experienced displacement, and … Continue reading “CCCF building blessed”