Eighth-graders receive lesson in teaching

Catholic Schools Week is one of the most anticipated weeks by the students in Catholic schools. It is a week where Catholic education in the United States and its contributions to the Church, communities and nation are celebrated. During Catholic Schools Week, Holy Family Catholic School in Orlando had a series of fun activities planned out for the students. Some activities were field day, career day, a faculty versus students volleyball game and, everyone’s favorite, when eighth grade took over the school.

Eighth Grade Takes Over the School is a fun challenge where eighth-graders have to plan and teach lessons all day to a class in the school. Students in eighth grade are put into groups and each group is responsible for making lesson plans for their class and for speaking with the teacher. This whole experience is very fun because eighth-graders feel like real teachers and they are in charge. This activity is not only fun, but it is also very educational.

Through this students are taught how to be leaders because they have to learn how to lead others throughout the day. Without having knowledge of how to lead, these students would not be able to manage the class. It is also very helpful because teaching the school might help discern a teaching career in the future. Overall, teaching the school for one day was a very fun and valuable experience in which eighth grade students were able to take.

Article written by Francesca, an eighth grade student from Holy Family School.
February, 2018