Father Ed Thompson Sheds Light on Faith

Twice a month, the priests and deacons of St. Mary Magdalen Parish visit the St. Mary Magdalen School students in their homerooms to talk about our faith.


Each grade is assigned a priest and deacon to all of the 16 homerooms around the campus. Father Ed Thompson is the assigned priest for 7th grade. The 7th grade students prepare written questions about Church issues, vocations, and even about our weekly religion lessons. The questions are anonymous and are placed in a box for Father Ed to answer. This past month, Father Ed visited the 7th grade boys during religion class, where he answered their many questions. Due to the nature of the questions, this last visitation was an opportunity to experience sincere introspection and a deep awareness about the beliefs of our faith. Because of these visitations, our priests and deacons have a very personal relationship with the students. We feel very blessed that our school’s religion curriculum includes a personal time between the students and these holy men of God.

Article written by Jack, 7th grade student, St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School, Altamonte Springs