Father Lopez Students Raise $4,521 for the Homeless

To kick of this year’s national Catholic School’s Week, the Peace Jam club at Father Lopez Catholic High School hosted the “Homeless Awareness Lockout and Fundraiser” event, beginning Friday, Jan. 24 at 8 p.m. and ending Saturday, Jan. 25 at 7 a.m.

The lockout offered students the opportunity to form a sense of empathy towards and an understanding of the day-to-day suffering of the homeless.

Sixty-two students participated in the event. Many first-time participants were shocked by the experience. “They have to go through so much,” said Emily, an 11th grade student, “I guess you don’t really know until you experience it yourself.”

The students could sleep in a box, with a blanket, sleeping bag, and sweatshirt –provided they raised the money required to use each item. A blanket required a $70 donation; a sweatshirt, $60; a sleeping bag, $110; or all three for a $200 donation. In all, 30 sweatshirts, 21 blankets, and 14 sleeping bags were “purchased.” After the event, the items were donated to Halifax Urban Ministries to help homeless in the local area. The $4,521 raised was donated to Feeding Children Everywhere and will stay in the Central Florida area. 

Article written by Andy, 10th grade student, Father Lopez Catholic High School, Daytona Beach