Feeding the Hungry, One Meal at a Time

This year, two eighth grade students were surprised by Sacred Heart Catholic School for being awarded the first “Redemptorist Mission Award.” Matthew, an eighth-grader who came to Sacred Heart in kindergarten, was one of those students. He knew what it took to be a servant for the poor, so he organized a school-wide food drive. Second of two siblings who both studied at Sacred Heart, Matthew understood how helping the needy brings personal and spiritual satisfaction. His faith in the goodness of man, especially his schoolmates and their families, propelled him to do more without drawing attention to himself.

The aim of his food drive is to collect 1,000 canned goods, rice, cereals, and other non-perishable food items for the Sacred Heart Parish’s food pantry and the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul by May 16, 2018. Matthew has also donated food regularly and anonymously, hoping to serve the poor and abandoned. His relentless compassion for the hungry and the poor made a difference. He was told that a family was fed single-handedly by “Matthew’s Meals”. His name is honored for his initiative and all food drives and hunger awareness projects for the 2018-2019 school year will be named “Matthew’s Meal Program.”

Writer’s note: I am Matthew and I felt that this was the most difficult assignment given to me as an Ace Reporter for I had to write about myself. I have three weeks before graduating from middle school and if there is one thing I would like to leave behind and say to my fellow Eagles, it is to have determination in making a difference, especially in the life of the poor. I believe that together everyone is an agent of change, that no one should go hungry, that we are “our brother’s keeper”. I hope to continue feeding the needy when I go to Father Lopez Catholic High School in Daytona Beach next year.

Article written by Matthew, an eighth grade student at Sacred Heart Catholic School in New Smyrna Beach. Photos courtesy of Christian, an eighth grade student at Sacred Heart Catholic School.

April, 2018