First Reconciliation Luncheon

On Oct. 23, a dozen 2nd grade girls gathered for a First Reconciliation Luncheon. The girls wore white and ate white colored food. White represents purity. One of the moms hosting the party talked about purity and how helpful reconciliation is to her.

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“The talk and party is now teaching the girls to be more kind to each other and it is good that they did this in public and as a group because it makes them more committed to it.” A girl named Katie said, “The talk helped because the mom gave some great tips.”

The girls made white pearl bracelets that they will wear to their First Reconciliation. A few moms and some older girls gave them pedicures. Those older girls also served them lunch like waitresses. The lunch part was more like a tea party with baked white mac-n-cheese, egg salad sandwiches, cauliflower with ranch, and a drink option of white grape juice; for dessert, strawberry cupcakes with white frosting. Fancy china tea cups are used throughout the luncheon.

“The girls seemed to enjoy the party,” said Concetta, an older girl at the luncheon. “They now understand confession more and will feel better about going to confession.”

This is a great idea to use for 2nd grade girls.

Article written by Caitlyn, student at Saint Margaret Mary Catholic School, Winter Park