A Show of Stewardship

At St. Mary Magdalen School in Altamonte Springs, the 8th grade Religion class began discussing the topic of stewardship. What does it mean to show stewardship? How can we be good stewards in our faith?

Some students suggested that stewardship is taking care of and watching over a pet, or being responsible for a younger sibling when parents are not home. Stewardship is the display of responsibility in a manner of humble integrity. It is taking care of what has been given to us. But how can this be applied to daily life throughout the Church?

During Mass on November 8th, Father Charles Mitchell, pastor of St. Mary Magdalen Parish, shared the concept of stewardship during his homily. He spoke of “stewardship envelopes.” Inside the envelopes the students were asked to include a treasure, a time or a talent that they had donated to the Church in the last week.

Students were given three labels. They were to place each label in one of three separate jars. One for God, one for savings, and one for the student. Whenever someone received money,  ten percent of what was received went into the “God” jar. This would be their treasure to donate tothe Church.

On Wednesday, Nov. 22, the students had the opportunity to turn in their envelopes for the first time. St. Mary Magdalen’s eighth grade National Junior Honor Society members collected envelopes and presented them at the altar. “It made me feel like I was part of Mass and being a steward like God wants us to be,” said eighth grader Sarah, the Vice President of NJHS who helped collect.

As a Church, the people grow together, and now the students grow in love as they share their gifts with God. This is an extraordinary opportunity to be a steward in faith. Now many students save their money to give something back to their Creator.

Article and photo by Tiffany, an eighth grade student at St. Mary Magdalen School in Altamonte Springs.
November, 2017